The Time Jumpers’ Kid Sister Album Release Show Impresses With Musicality


Once again, Nashville’s 3rd and Lindsley played host to a fantastic night of music. This show, however, was not unfamiliar to the venue. The Time Jumpers are practically regulars, playing many shows there throughout the year. The 10 piece band is a music lovers dream, made up of some of the most talented musicians Nashville has to offer.


While the group regularly plays 3rd and Lindsley, this show was extra special as the they were celebrating the release of their brand new album, Kid Sister. The night was broadcast live on 650 AM WSM, as well as on their website, with on-air personality and Grand Ole Opry Announcer Eddie Stubbs emceeing the show. Praising the men onstage and telling the crowd “To know them is to love them”, Stubbs made it clear that the audience was in store for an impressive performance.

The 4-time Grammy nominated band kicked things off with the perfect introduction, “We’re The Time Jumpers”. Their knack for western swing is unmatched and the crowd was having fun from the get-go. Tunes from Kid Sister were the focus of the evening, but an intermission and a show that played late into the night allowed plenty more of the band’s songs to make the setlist. Kenny Sears, bandleader and fiddler, joked with the crowd about the new songs saying “Some of these we just learned today and at our age, it doesn’t take long to forget!” Being the incredible musicians they are, The Time Jumpers never missed a beat and played a set that wowed.

While the night was full of fun, the album came at a time when the bandmates and friends were experiencing heartache and loss. While the album’s progress began in mid-2014, the title track, Kid Sister, came about as a way to honor Sears’ wife and their bandmate, Dawn, who sadly passed in December of the same year. Her voice beautifully graces two of the album’s standouts – “San Antonio Rose”, which her husband accompanies her on, and “I Miss You”, Kid Sister‘s first single. The haunting tune, co-written by Time Jumper, Vince Gill, and Ashley Monroe, was cut from Gill’s most recent album but found its perfect home on Kid Sister. While Gill says the original production was “lush and big”, some of the lyrics were rewritten and music redone with The Time Jumpers. The standing ovation that followed the song reinforced the fact that the song ended up exactly where it needed to be.


The sold-out show rolled on with other tunes from Kid Sister. The instrumental “All Aboard” was incredibly fun, but also so impressive. Watching 10 musicians who are remarkably talented in their own right come together to make magic is fascinating. If one had closed their eyes, they could almost picture a locomotive rolling right into the showroom. “I Hear You Talkin'” is lively and had much of the room toe-tappin’ along. The audience couldn’t help but chuckle as they got told they’d be hearing a “tender love song from the pages of life” and then heard lyrics like “Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me”.

The Time Jumpers are utterly entertaining and there’s something to be said for a show where you can just sit down and soak in the music. While we certainly love a big production and high-energy festivals, watching musicians who have spent years & years honing their craft do what they do best is an experience every country music fan should make time for. Along with Gill (vocals and guitars) and Kenny (fiddle and vocals), The Time Jumpers include Joe Spivey and Larry Franklin (fiddles and vocals), Paul Franklin (steel guitar), “Ranger Doug” Green (guitars and vocals), Billy Thomas (drums and vocals), Jeff Taylor (accordion, piano and vocals), Andy Reiss (guitars) and Brad Albin (bass). While you may not be familiar with their names, chances are you’ve heard these guys more times than you could count, as they regularly tour and record with artists all across the board.

Being Nashville, there’s always the possibility of a surprise guest. Monday night’s show delivered, as Gill’s wife Amy Grant took the stage to perform a lovely cover of Ray Charles’ “You Don’t Know Me” with the band. The show continued late into the night, with the crowd hanging on every strum, key and harmony. If you have plans to visit Nashville, make sure to add The Time Jumpers’ Monday night shows to your itinerary. You are guaranteed an evening of fun and entertainment, but don’t be surprised if you also spend much of the show in awe of the massive amount of talent onstage. Check the 3rd and Lindsley calendar for show dates and ticket info and make sure to grab yourself a copy of Kid Sister, available now.



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