“That Song”


That song…we all have one.

The song that takes us back – to a simpler time, a sad memory, an important person or a favorite place. It’s amazing how years can go by without hearing that song and suddenly it comes on and you’re instantly transported. It could be a song you heard when you were 7 years old or a song you heard yesterday. The lyrics, the melody, the feelings it evokes are all part of what makes it so powerful.

What’s incredible as well is how one song can mean so much to one person and be the same song another will pass over on the radio. The unbelievable talent singers, songwriters, and musicians have to get into our soul and seemingly write our life story is fascinating. A few chords or a string of words can cause you to break down in tears, smile and get your toes tapping, or sit in silence reminiscing.

Very often, our senses can kick in and give us a flashback to a special moment in time. You’ll get a whiff of perfume your grandmother wore, a sip of a drink and you’re back on your Hawaiian honeymoon; we have this amazing way of being taken back by sometimes the simplest things we didn’t even know we remembered. But music seems to stand above all that. Think of your first school dance – chances are you can remember exactly which song you were dancing to with your crush. That time you broke down crying in your room after a tough breakup? You know which song was on repeat for days. Your first dance with your new spouse on your wedding day? The song your mom used to sing to you at bedtime? The song you can’t get enough of live, so you go to show after show just to see your favorite artist perform it? You know which song we’re talking about.

One of the best things about music is that it isn’t going anywhere. That song you heard 20, 30, 40 years ago is still here. It’s there anytime you need to hear it to smile, cry or escape. Our memories fade, our feelings change, but music remains exactly as it was the first time we heard it. How lucky are we to have that song as the soundtrack to our lives?

If you get a moment, why not take the time to reach out to the artist, songwriter, or composer of that song and thank them? Thank them for the memories, for the emotions, for pouring their own heart & soul into something they could’ve never realized would mean so much to you. The album sales, radio play, sold-out shows – they all are important to these folks as they do measure success to a certain degree. But hearing how their work has affected someone beyond that scope is something every artist loves to hear. Feel free to tag your favorite artist in this post and let them know how that song, THEIR song, will forever be something you thank them for.


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