Music Review: Dianna Corcoran’s “In America”

In America - Dianna Corcoran COVER
Friday, January 29th was a big day for Australian Country singer/songwriter Dianna Corcoran as she released her debut US album, In America.  The 12 track project was no doubt a labor of love, as Corcoran not only co-wrote every song, but also produced the album. With a strong following in Australia and other countries abroad, it’s only a matter of time before momentum spreads in the US about this talented artist and In America is a great launching point.

As the album opens with “God Did Good”, you are immediately drawn in to the catchy beat & Corcoran’s vocals. One of our personal favorites from In America was “Thank You For Cheating On Me” – if ever there were a perfect song to dedicate to the ex who did you wrong, this would be it! While there are plenty of fun, upbeat tracks, ballads like “Ghost In The Passenger Side” and “Other Side of Letting Go” are sure to trigger plenty emotions & memories. Another of our favorites, “When These Wheels Hit Tennessee”, will strike a chord with anyone who’s done exactly what Corcoran has – moved to Nashville to follow their dreams, oftentimes leaving loved ones behind. She’s certainly not alone in the feeling that “When these wheels hit Tennessee, I’ll taste the air I’m supposed to breathe” and these and many of her other lyrics are exceptionally written.

In America is currently available on iTunes and Amazon and you can view the video for first single, “God Did Good” here. We expect to hear a lot more about Dianna Corcoran in the coming months and you can keep up with her on social media by visiting the links below!

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