Stevie Monce Shows Us Why “Everything’s Better with a Buzz”

Stevie Monce

When it comes to talented singer-songwriters, Georgia sure knows how to grow them. Stevie Monce, originally from Dallas, GA has been busy making a name for himself in Nashville. With two full length albums, an EP and a catchy new single, Monce has been winning over crowds at shows and festivals with his distinctive blend of country with a rock and roll edge.

Monce’s latest single “Everything’s Better with a Buzz” was co-written with Stephen Barker Liles (of duo Love and Theft) and Jesse Rice (FGL’s “Cruise”). The humorous video features a cameo appearance by Michael Ray.

Are you gonna argue with a guy in a fox suit about how to have a good time? We didn’t think so! Read on to learn more about country rocker Stevie Monce in our exclusive Q&A.

We’ve got to start with the obvious – is there any significance to the fox in your “Everything’s Better With A Buzz” video? Is that your spirit animal? If so, why?

Well, the concept of the video came from me sitting down with Chris Young and having a drink in Nashville. He gave me some awesome advice, he said “Stevie, you own the master to this song, you should do something out of the box, something you couldn’t do if you were on a label.” So I started thinking of some crazy ideas and for whatever reason the thought of mascots running around Nashville having a blast made me literally laugh out loud. I decided to make a video that people could watch on mute if they wanted to and the song just become a bonus. As far as the fox goes, my drummer, Trevor Silva, is an outspoken democrat so I thought the irony of him being the elephant was just too perfect and that left the duck, bear, and the fox. The duck for whatever reason reminded me of my guitar player’s messy personality. Then the bear just seemed to fit Scott, my bass player, so that left me with the fox!

The song is so catchy, definitely something we can see people tailgating to and singing along at shows. How have people responded when you’ve played it live?

Actually, after we wrote the song I had some reservations about it because it is a little outside of my typical release, but I played the song for the band and they insisted we play it live. The first time we played it, people were singing the chorus by the end of the song and I knew we were on to something at that point. The next time I played it live was down in Key West for the annual songwriter’s festival and it kind of became a viral thing down there, so I decided it was then full steam ahead with this song.

Which of your songs do you think would be the best for fans to listen to in order to get an idea of who you are as an artist?

My song “Tennessee” would be the one to listen to. The song is about driving home to Tennessee overnight, racing the sun to the state-line, and hopefully getting home to wake up a loved one before the sun does. I wrote this song as a reflection of being on the road so much and cherishing the little moments at home every chance you get to experience them. It’s those little moments in life that mean so much to those of us on the road all the time.

Who do you listen to when you want to unwind?

I’m loving Need To Breathe’s new record right now.

What’s the best concert you’ve ever attended?

Although I have never seen them in person, I watch the Coldplay Live at Glastonbury if I am not feeling energized for a show. Chris Martin is an incredible front man with an incredible passion for their music. It reminds me of my responsibility as a front man to give the crowd all the energy I can muster up every single night, so in a way, it’s actually the best concert I’ve never attended.

What else can we expect from you coming up soon?

I will be releasing another EP this year or early 2017 to follow up “Everything’s Better With A Buzz.” This project is going to be a positive vibe and message throughout. I think we all need some positivity right now.

It’s 10 minutes until you take the stage – tell us what you’re sippin’ on!

My drummer, Trevor, and I always have a couple sips of whiskey together before we hit the stage.

You can keep up with Stevie Monce on his website, and follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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