Smithfield: Country Duo on the Rise

Meet Smithfield

It takes more than a couple of great voices to make a memorable country duo. You’ve got to have that certain chemistry, extraordinary harmonies and a shared passion and drive to persevere through the many obstacles the music industry can through at you. Texas natives Jennifer Fiedler and Trey Smith, known together as Smithfield, are poised to show that they possess all of these qualities and then some.

The past year has been full of milestones for the pair. Since making their debut at the Grand Ole Opry in May, Smithfield has returned to play the famed stage eight times. Current single “Hey Whiskey” is in regular rotation on SXM The Highway, with the music video premiering on CMT.

We caught up with the busy duo for some insight into who they are and where they are going. Enjoy our exclusive Q&A with Smithfield – thanks to Trey and Jennifer for taking the time to let us all get to know them a little better!

How did you two meet and what made you decide to join forces as a duo?
Smithfield: We met when we were kids and grew up together. Our families go back 3 generations. We sang separately our whole lives, but discovered our unique blend of harmony together in our college years. We knew after the first time we sang together we needed to chase this dream we had both had for so long as a duo. We started making trips to Nashville and writing songs together immediately after forming. One year later we made the big move to Nashville.

For fans who are just discovering you and your music, what song would you recommend they listen to first?
Trey: I think “Nothing But The Night” is a great intro to us and what we do. It’s a fun song that showcases our harmonies well. I like that it has a little edginess in it too, which is something we try to keep in the music we write.

Jennifer: Agreed. We pride ourselves on being different than any other girl/guy duo, and I think this song showcases that difference. I also would recommend “Hey Whiskey” because I think it’s our best lyrically written song, and the one that connects with people on a deeper level. It would be a toss up between the two for me.

If you weren’t pursuing a career in music, what do you think you would be doing?
Trey: I was actually really heavy in to archaeology in college. I guess I might be digging in a pyramid or something if I hadn’t got in to music.

Jennifer: I have 3 passions other than music. Health/fitness, coffee, and dogs. I would be doing something in one of those 3 areas.

What are your favorite three songs on the radio right now?
Smithfield: “Blue Ain’t Your Color”- Keith Urban
“80’s Mercedes” – Maren Morris
“Dirty Laundry”- Carrie Underwood

Is there a particular venue that you dream of playing one day?
Trey: Yes! It would be so awesome to play the Houston Rodeo. I grew up seeing so many of my favorite artists play that stage every year, so it would be so full circle for me to do the same.

Jenn: Well I’ve already played my dream stage which was the Grand Ole Opry, but I have many. So my next one would be either Cowboys Stadium or Madison Square Garden!

Tell us a fun/surprising fact about each of you.
Trey: I never sang in front of anybody other than my family until my high school talent show when I was 18 years old.

Jenn: I love Marvel/superhero movies! I’ve seen them all. I guess you could say I’m kind of a closet nerd for that.

What can we expect to see from you through the end of the year and beyond?
Smithfield: You can expect to see us on the Opry more, out on the road finishing up our fall tour, and in the future we are working on new music now, so definitely be looking for more to come from us!

It’s 10 minutes until you take the stage – tell us what you’re sippin’ on!
Jenn: Lots of water and hot tea! If I’m nervous and need to calm down a glass of wine will do the trick!
Trey: Def water. Probably some coffee if I need a caffeine kick for sure!

You can pick up Smithfield’s debut EP at iTunes. For tour dates and more information, visit their website at, follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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