Meet Sister C – EP Demo Sessions, Vol. 2 Out Today

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Meet Sister C, a talented trio made up of real-life sisters Cirby, Carli and Celbi. Their newest EP, Demo Sessions, Vol. 2 hits digital retailers today and is a compilation of their favorite songs, all of which they were involved with as co-writers. The 6-track project comes on the heels of their February release of Demo Sessions, Vol. 1, which received rave reviews. The group’s ability to harmonize and catch your ear from the first line is impressive. Also notable is the way their vocals and melodies pay tribute to the traditional sounds of country, in an exciting, current way. The girls are all outstanding vocalists in their own right, but together, their sound is incredible. Sister C_ Album Cover

While Sister C is mostly playing shows locally around Nashville, they’ve been known to open for some artists you may be familiar with! You can find out who and learn a little more about this talented threesome in our interview below.

The EP is FANTASTIC – we were definitely impressed! How excited are you for this release? 

Well, thank you very much! We feel like it’s Christmas morning! We’ve had our heads down writing as much as we possibly can and we just can’t wait to see how everyone reacts to our new music!

As sisters and co-writers, how does the writing process usually go? Is it usually pretty smooth or does it vary depending on the topic of the song?

Let’s just be honest, we’re sisters and like most we bicker about all kinds of stupid things! However, songwriting has become a place where we can leave any drama at the door and merge our thoughts and feelings in a natural and creative way. Writing is truly our safe place where we come together as artists, rather than sisters.

For our readers who maybe checking out you & your music for the first time, what do you most want them to know about Sister C?

We just want everyone to know that we are in love with what we do. We love country music so much and it’s no secret that this industry is a tough one to get into, but we aren’t going anywhere. We will continue working our butts off as long as our amazing audience keeps asking us for more!

Who are each of your musical influences, artists or otherwise?

I (Cirby) have always gravitated towards singer-songwriters like Patty Griffin, Kelly Willis, Toni Price, Willie Nelson, etc. Carli is definitely our light and bubbly type, always listening to people like Colbie Caillat, Norah Jones, & Adele. Celbi can channel her inner Janis Joplin in a hot second. She listens to people like Beth Hart, Elle King, Janis & more. 

Do your audiences seem to have a particular song or two that they really respond to?

We were blown away by the response of our songs, “Faint of Heart” & “Even a Broken Heart Beats.” You just never know what kind of song is going to hit with the audience, that’s why we continue to buckle down and keep shooting songs out to them as quick & steadily as possible!

Is there an artist you dream of opening for, or even collaborating with?

We’ve recently had the honor to open for Brothers Osborne a few times this summer and we don’t think it would be a bad idea to have a little “siblings” tour. What do y’all think? We could call it the, “Family Tradition Tour!”

What does the rest of 2016 look like for Sister C?

Writing, writing, writing. We are just looking for the right song. Whether we write it ourselves or if it’s pitched to us by one of the other hundreds of amazing writers in this town, we are just on the hunt for “that” song to get us through the right doors at the right time! 

It’s 10 minutes until you take the stage – tell us what you’re sippin’ on!

OH! A shot of whiskey or tequila chased down with an ice cold BUDLIGHT! Yummmay!

We hope you guys are as eager for more from Sister C as we are. Lucky for you, every other week you can catch one of their “Blue Room Sessions” videos on Facebook and Twitter to hear more great music!

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