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Hope Nix and Bryan Edwards were busy making names for themselves as solo artists when they met at a songwriters night at Nashville’s Hotel Indigo. Soon the two were writing together regularly, which led to performing and producing together. It wasn’t long until they realized this partnership was destined to be something more, and Indigo Summer was formed. The duo is now making waves with their brand of fun and sexy country. New single “Not To” is a catchy, relatable tune about the temptation to fall back under the spell of an ex-lover. Check out the video and get to know Hope and Bryan better with a little Q&A!

For fans who are just discovering you and your music, what song would you recommend they listen to first?

We just released our second single, “Not To.” That would be a good place to start. It can be downloaded on iTunes now. “Not To” represents our ‘sexy’ and ‘fun’ side. Our fans can always expect at least one of three things from our songs: Fun. Sexy. Country. That’s us and what we do.

You were both persuing solo careers before Indigo Summer was formed. What’s been the best thing about joining forces as a duo? The biggest challenge?

It’s not enough to say that being in any old duo can work as well as Hope and I have. We both had successful solo careers, so we weren’t just going to give that up unless we knew the music and the direction wasn’t better than what we were doing alone. So, it’s her, it’s me, and it’s us that makes this thing work. Everything about what she brings to the table either fills a void or strengthens what I do as an artist and vice versa. It’s fun to work hard with someone who does that. In fact, it’s the most fun I’ve ever had doing music.

What artist/group would you most like to tour with?

Probably Taylor Swift, and not just because she has such a large fan base. It’s because of the way she connects to fans, her songs are awesome, and her shows are fun. It’s an experience that her fans will never forget and that’s what we want to do. I’d love to learn from her.

How do you define success? At what point would you think “We’ve made it!”?

We want to world tour, win Grammy’s, sell millions of songs, and stay relevant for decades. We have what it takes to do that and those are our goals. As for ‘making it,’ that happens every time we connect with our fans with our music. There is no higher level of ‘making it’ than touching people with your music. We want to do that for hundreds of millions of people. But even for an audience of one, it can still feel like we’ve ‘made it’. “Making it” is a connection and a feeling and that’s our goal every time we get the chance to play for people.

Tell us a fun/surprising fact about each of you.

Bryan: I am a 12-time fantasy football champion!
Hope: I love to cook and I’ve been told I make the worlds best peach cobbler!

If you weren’t musicians, what would you likely be doing?

Bryan: I would probably be the President of a company or….the United States.
Hope: I would probably be doing something to do with dogs/animal welfare. I love animals and educating people about them.

What can we expect to see from you through the end of the year and beyond?

We plan to continue to release a new single each month along with a video. We have also started writing towards our next album, which we are already excited about!

It’s 10 minutes until you take the stage – tell us what you’re sippin’ on!

Bryan: A bourbon or rye on the rocks.
Hope: A glass of wine

Indigo Summer

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