Funniest Country Music Moments of 2015



It would be hard to imagine forgetting any of the exciting shows or experiences we’ve had this year. 2015 was filled with incredible music, unbelievable festivals & concerts, even getting to see several artists live for the first time and experiencing what every country music fan must – CMA Fest.

That being said, there are some moments that stand out for the sheer amusement of them and if you weren’t able to see them in person, don’t worry, we’re happy to share details! Take a look at the moments that STILL have us laughing everytime we think about them.

It’s no secret that Kip Moore and Dierks Bentley have a pretty intense bromance. Who could blame them? The pair toured together most of the year for Bentley’s Sounds of Summer Tour, which we got to catch near Birmingham, AL. After shooting the first few songs of Bentley’s set, the rest of the night was just about enjoying the show (although as many of you may know, means Vanessa still has a camera in her hand). During Bentley’s set, Moore joined him for a duet of “Free & Easy” and as the song came to an end, it happened. A point & shoot camera and perfect timing resulted in the shot you see below. While it really was just a quick hug before Moore left the stage, the picture certainly offers a different point of view and Moore had to agree. Sharing the photo across his social media, Moore let fans know that sometimes “Young Love” is undeniable.


Dierks & I recreating our first 5th grade slow dance..his hands had me uncomfortable but I went with it

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CMA Fest is the ultimate country music experience. Chances are, if there’s an artist you love, you’re going to see them there. The star power is in full effect, and no where more so than the nightly shows at LP Field (now Nissan Stadium). As the 2nd night was underway, Luke Bryan hit the stage with every bit of energy, talent and charisma he has to offer. The show was filmed for television, which meant big time stage production and effects. Packed into a crowded photo pit, pushed up against a rail, one could only look up in awe at Bryan giving it his all, but as he stepped towards the end of the stage, everything changed in an instant. Suddenly, Bryan had disappeared and fog filled the space where we had just been watching him. Quickly realizing what had happened, camera shutters started firing and finally Bryan emerged, albeit a little surprised. He began laughing so hard, as did all of us, at his unfortunate placement, directly over a fog machine. Bryan was, of course, a great sport and just kept looking back & shaking his head, laughing the whole time.

This year was our first time attending Country Summer in Sonoma, CA and we certainly weren’t disappointed. 3 days packed with live music and the beautiful California sunshine overhead is definitely a great gig. One of our favorite live performers, Frankie Ballard, rocked the stage, his swagger just oozing from every pore. Ballard is a no holds barred entertainer, deciding that the stage wasn’t close enough for him to see all his fans in the back, therefore running to the back (and climbing scaffolding!) to get a better view. If you’ve seen Ballard before, you know that there is no predicting what will come out of his mouth, and Country Summer was no different. After being handed a beer from a female member of the audience, he gladly accepted, but then decided it was better to be safe than sorry before asking her (on the mic, mind you) if she had “put a roofie in it”. We immediately broke out in laughter, while Ballard, convinced it was safe to consume, toasted the crowd and took a sip. Safe to say, we added this to our long mental list of times Frankie Ballard has cracked us up.


Picture it: a beautiful, historic theater. An incredible singer, perched atop a barstool with only his guitar as accompaniment. A nearly silent crowd, engrossed in every note coming out of the microphone. And some dude suddely yelling, “YEAH, KIP!!!!!” You know those Mastercard commercials? Yep, this was also priceless. During the Knoxville, TN stop of Moore’s Wild Ones Tour, that very moment happened and it was enough to even have Moore cracking up and trying to gain his composure. The enthusiastic fan clearly couldn’t hold back his excitement and took the show a little off track, before Moore got himself together long enough to say, “Now, damnit, dude, don’t do that to me again!” and finish his song.

Brad Paisley has been entertaining fans for years and is clearly a professional. But even professionals can’t control the ill-timed “technical difficulties” that are beyond his control. Paisley began his set to close out CMA Fest 2015 with an extended guitar solo, drawing every eye in the stadium to the stage and his incredible musicianship. But when the time came to take the mic, he was about the only one who could hear him singing. Paisley attempted several times to check the mic and see if there was something he could fix on it, to no avail. He began looking around for someone, anyone, to come on out and give him a hand. At one point, he even looked down to all of us photographers in the pit and shrugged, just shaking his head and laughing. After what seemed longer than it probably was, Paisley was handed a different mic and proceeded to throw his arms in the air as a sign of success. A few laughs and jokes in the bag, and then Paisley was well on his way to giving the crowd a night they wouldn’t soon forget!

Some of these country artists are as funny as they are musically gifted. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but they sure do know how to entertain! Can’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans 2016 brings!

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