Dylan Scott’s Self-Titled, Debut Album Sure To Impress


The much-anticipated debut album from Dylan Scott’s is set for release tomorrow, August 12th, and it’s sure to be one that you can’t get enough of. From the self-titled record’s opening track, “Lay It On Me”, Scott promises to wrap you up with “this Southern boy charm” and he delivers. The Louisiana native has a powerful voice and having co-written 7 of the album’s 13 songs, there is plenty of his heart & soul to be found on the project.

“My Town” will resonate with his fellow Southerners, or anyone else who is wholeheartedly proud of where they come from. Surely, many will relate to lyrics like, “It’s the middle of nowhere, but I call it home”. If you’ve loved and lost, “Passenger Seat” will strike a chord. The song starts with “Maybe I should sell this truck…” and tells the story of picturing someone who’s no longer there, but long since moved on.

Scott’s current single, “My Girl”, is utterly personal, inspired by his own long-term relationship. Scott recently married his high school sweetheart and the song, co-written with Josh Kerr, is romantic and heartfelt. “Back” continues that sentiment, making one picture the beginning stages of a relationship. The nerves, the butterflies, the excitement – they’ll all come flooding back when you listen to this one.

“Crazy Over Me” has seen lots of success and growing attention, with good reason. The song is adorably playful and clever. Guys can relate because the girl in song is every girl he’s ever dated, and girls can see themselves in the lyrics. “Ball Cap” is similarly playful – flirtatious and fun, this one could easily be a summertime hit, blasting out of speakers at the lake or at a concert tailgate party.

The guys will love “Beer Buddies”, an anthem to the friends who have been by your side through the good times and the bad. Breakups, breaking the law, it doesn’t matter – those are the buddies you can count on when you need them and this is sure to resonate with Scott’s male fans. “Freak Show” has a unique vibe right out of the gate, but you can hear that distinctly country sound throughout, even subtly. The track is sexy and exciting, and will be a great addition to Scott’s live performances.

“I Lost You” slows things down and might get you feeling those emotions again. Losing a relationship you put your everything into is expressed with lyrics like “You wanted my love up until you didn’t”. Scott’s vocals really shine on this one and the song powerfully hits home for anyone who’s been through something similar. “Living Room” might remind you of some classic country heartbreak songs, the kind that you play on repeat to get through a tough time.

Scott’s album is very much filled with songs of love and heartbreak, but they’re all something special in their own way. “Rules” talks about a love that might be edgy and dangerous, but worth it in the end. The passionate lyrics are a standout on the album. Young love plays out in “Do You Think About Me”, and the song’s sulty beat makes it a perfect way to close out the record.

This impressive album, Dylan Scott, will be available tomorrow at stores and digital retailers, but if you pre-order now, you’ll get 6 of the tracks instantly! Having seen Scott live a few times over the years, we can tell you that he is a fantastic performer. With the release of his debut album and the killer tracks on it, Scott’s live shows will only continue to get better. Having just wrapped an opening stint on Lee Brice’s successful Life Off My Years Tour, Scott shows no signs of slowing down. Catch him in a city near you by visiting his website for ticket info. And make sure to tell us (and Dylan!) your thoughts on the new album via social media!

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