Music Review: Craig Campbell’s “Outskirts of Heaven”

Craig Campbell "Outskirts of Heaven"

Is it country or isn’t it? At a time when seemingly every single to hit radio becomes a topic of debate, the latest from Craig Campbell is inarguably true to the genre. With “Outskirts of Heaven,” co-written by Dave Turnbull, Campbell ventures into territory many artists shy away from as he reflects on the faith he was raised in and paints a picture of where he’d like to spend eternity. Requesting something a little more off the beaten path than the mansions and streets of gold often promised beyond the pearly gates, we can’t help but think that this sounds like a beautiful place to “hang your wings” as Campbell puts it.

From the opening notes of steel guitar to Campbell’s strong vocals that build into the chorus and the authenticity and passion he puts into the delivery, this is a tune that will leave you inspired. “Outskirts of Heaven” is now available via iTunes.

“Outskirts of Heaven” is the preview single of Campbell’s upcoming album, which will mark his debut on Red Bow Records. Keep up with Craig Campbell on his official website, and follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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