Camille Rae Proves She Knows The Score With “But I Want You”


“I don’t want to, but I want you.” Who hasn’t been there a time or two? Hailing from Mount Vernon, KY, singer-songwriter Camille Rae gives life to lyrics like these in her latest single “But I Want You”. The struggle between wanting someone that you’re probably better off without is a very real experience for many. Rae herself knows the feeling, saying “I’m so excited about this song. It has the perfect combination of vulnerability and sass. So many people can relate to this situation—I know I can! It is a privilege to be the one singing it out there to the world.”

Rae’s background in music started at a young age and has carved the path that led her to where she is today. Her debut single, “Shadows Dance Tonight”, found its way to the number 55 spot on the Music Row Charts, as well as being well-received by country radio in the US and Canada. Rae’s latest, co-written by Jaida Dreyer, Fred Wilhelm, and Jay Knowles, is a solid follow-up and one that is likely to catch the attention of everyone who hears it.

“But I Want You” is fun, sexy and will get you dancing along in no time. An upcoming full-length studio album is in the works, but for now you can pick up Rae’s single on iTunes and Amazon. She’s also set to release a video for “But I Want You” and we’ll make sure to keep you posted once she does. In the meantime, you can check out Rae’s lyric video for the catchy tune right here.

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